WordPress Updates Fail, now what? What do you do? A update can ruin your entire site, let us help you today.

WordPress Updates Fail – what next? What do you do and how to fix this issue? I have other websites with different web hosting company and this issue just appeared from nowhere. It is time to upgrade a WordPress website and having a big problem with the upgrade to happen. This is not good for my business and my websites. Every website that uses a platform like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress requires upgrades. This ensures and protects your site from hackers and spammers. This makes your website stay up to date.

Web Hosting Companies

I have my other websites on my cloud server and didn’t get any issues when upgrading my WordPress website so I am kind of sure it is their servers. I have contacted the other company of the issue I am having. Already paid them for 5 years already so I won’t be transferring my sites to my web hosting yet. I want to take advantage of my money cause then I would be wasting it. You have to use every penny and dime for everything cause the economy is not that great. Once I have completed the hosting years I will definitely transfer to my company and server’s. My server’s are a lot faster and better compared to them. So many issues I see with them and super slow and lagging.

WordPress Websites

Every WordPress website needs to be updated and plugins. This need to happen very often so make sure you hire us to work with you and get your website updated. We are professionals when it comes to building websites. We fix and repair plus create new sites. The error I got it was that the cron file has permission settings that don’t let me upgrade. I contacted the company and told them about my issue. They replied that they fixed all the permissions for the cron. I have never seen anything like this, not sure how that happen? Plus I been having so many issues with them.

My websites has been having my kind of problems like a slider not uploading and installing. It deleted my revslider today when the installation failed. Not sure why? Then I couldn’t upload it and install it because there was a revslider folder on the system. I tried to delete but it didn’t delete. I renamed the folder and then I upload the plugin and I got it installed once again. The error was that file permission. Their server’s are not good for my liking because I wasting too much time trying to fix.

WordPress Updates Fail and then we have major issues. This needs to upgrade without any issues. The website needs to be upgraded and updated so it’s functionality is perfect.

The other company just messed up my entire website. Now on my homepages and all my website I get this error.. I just can’t believe how unprofessional this is? here is the error code I get now.


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Now I have to contact them once again to fix my site. This is unbelievable. They do something and they don’t even take the time to check the websites? This is so unprofessional that I will have to share the name of this company. Webhostingpad.com Not good. I can’t wait to cancel their services and never go back to them again because from the start I had issues and have been continuously. I feel like they are not so savvy with computers or what they are doing. Now that I have my own cloud web hosting services and the server’s are just perfect I am so happy. I bring you the best web hosting services plus website design and development. Let us know if you need any of our services.

When an Update Fails WordPress

WordPress Updates Fail – read more about us. Today my website here at sjmwebhosting had a big error, I had to diagnose and fix it fast. We can’t have our website with errors or not displaying correctly. Our business is very important, I must say that when updates are available; sometimes is good and sometimes is bad. A update can ruin your entire website, it is a good idea for you to visit your website daily or whenever you have a chance. A good idea is to use different devices just to see how it displays. The problem here was something with the theme’s update, I did a latest theme update and the error was fixed immediately. The home page was lost and not displaying correctly, so by updating the theme; it fixed the issue. Weird huh? one little thing can ruin your entire site.

We need to do updates to our websites, if you just create an website and no updates; let me tell you that you will lose your site. All about the web is changing evolution! This means that your site will need to be updated and upgraded. For example, Adobe Flash has disappeared is obsolete now. Even myself lost some money there, yes! Everyone that used to own Adobe Flash had to upgrade their system and software. If not then they have lost their precious website, let us help you with all your website design and web hosting services today.

Website Upgrades & Updates 

Well this is an update. All is fixed now, they restore my sites and yes it was a permission error. A permission error on the web hosting server’s that could not let me do the auto upgrade with WordPress. It was the cron page on WordPress site. I am happy now that all is fixed and well good job I guess. OOOPS… Correction! one of the website did update correctly but my other site still the same failed update so I am contacting them again. 

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