WordPress Theme Reviews Themify

I would like to give thanks to Themify for their work and their professional WordPress Theme designs. I am happy that you exist and would like you to produce new products. I really like the whole process when installing the themes or the Builder. You make it a lot easier for all of us! Thanks for creating a great product and keep up the good work. The installation is a very easy and quick process. Is nothing more to say cause is just too easy. The builder is easy as well. Both products are great and I just love it. The ultra theme is very nice too, very easy to edit and just modify it to your own needs. The import of the data is very easy and fast. In order to have your website look like theirs you will need to import the data demo. Very easy to do and a simple process.

Themify has made it easier for me with their builder. They have a great drag and drop builder. They also have updates available for their themes and plugins. I would maybe like a update service available apart from the product’s you sell. Maybe an update service available for the themes and plugins? a more economical way to update the current themes and plugins for the customer that doesn’t have a current membership.

Also I ran into some issues with some themes not sure if is the server hosting company or the theme. I had issues where the text is written and then I create another text area box and write more content. Then I save and it saves but it copies the first text over and over. Very bad issue at times and could not fix the issues. I have no idea if it was the web hosting server or the theme functionality. Not sure but is a big pain! I’ve seen and experienced this same error on many different websites I have created. Maybe look into that if other user’s had said anything. It is a very important issue to fix if it has something to do with the theme.

Other than that it is a perfect service from Themify.me. I will include the link so you can see their product’s. I would also like to see more theme’s and plugins on your website. Would be nice maybe if you could have more. I have seen that you have some there but would be better if more different one’s. This is a review for themify that I had purchased their product’s before. It is also very nice that you do raffle’s so some people win product’s membership’s. I like that from you that you are a great company cause of this.

I’ve seen other big companies and they don’t do that – I guess greed? This shows a lot from you! Very good! I give a good perfect review for Themify because I am happy with them and recommend their themes and plugins.

There is nothing bad to say about this company. I would also like more interactions with the customer and your business. Maybe a raffle to promote one’s website on your site? There are many new small business like mine’s that are starting and would appreciate the web exposure. Not sure, large well established business should help a little with helping small business this way. Or existing customer’s maybe a raffle for free advertising for one day or 5 of their website plus have that small business advertise your business too. I know that business to business should be friend and help one another. Helping one another is a great idea! Thanks for existing themify and well I know you are there and if needed I will purchase more. But would like to see more themes to choose from.

This review is for Ultra Theme and Themify Builder for themify.me