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Website Development Marketing SEO Planning I felt the need to write and talk about a important subject today. Marketing and advertising and getting leads and how everyone is charging lots of money. This year 2018 I see that many different companies are starting to charge money and other companies starting to charge as well. It is very hard for the business owner to advertise and get leads now.

I tell you this because I am a business owner and all business has to advertise. If you don’t advertise and market promoting your business then you won’t do any business. We all advertise somehow, all companies do. I am a webmaster and build websites; this is what I love doing. I can help you get a website going, put it live on the web for you for a very low cost. Plus can provide you with a domain name and a web hosting account. My prices are lower vs the competition. If you do the math, you will save a whole lot of money with us.


Advertising and SEO is very important if you are running a business. Running a business takes a lot of time and have to invest lots of money. Sometimes when we advertise we want a return (ROI). If we don’t see a return then we get frustrated and stressed. I have been advertising and marketing and I am seeing that some websites or companies just don’t work. I spend money and money and don’t see a return. I will not do any business with companies that I don’t get a return. I even think that some of them are a scam. They offer their leads services and maybe they are even fake people behind it? not sure but doesn’t feel good when you don’t see a return.

Marketing and Advertising should be simply easy and see a return. This is not the case, it is hard and lots money spent and nothing. I will give some companies a chance but in the long run if I don’t see nothing then I will just continue with my own SEO.


SEO is free to create and do. You just need to know how to do it. This page here is a content with SEO on it. Search Engine Optimization is a free service that Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex provide. It won’t surprise me that soon they want to charge too? It seems they all charge for everything these days. I am able to optimize your website for good white hat SEO, it is a monthly billing recurring and cancel at anytime. I must tell you that SEO takes time to work. Website Development Marketing SEO Planning for your new site.

It takes time to get up there and compete with well established websites. This does not happen from night to morning. You will need lots patience and invest a little bit of money. On the long run this is the most important part of your site because you will save a lot of money and get lots clients and leads.


Now is the time to put some money and invest on a website and with great SEO. Why? because this is the only way to survive these days! If you own a business and don’t have a working website then you are missing out on major making money profit. You need SEO, without it your website is lost at sea. First get a web hosting account with us for a very low rate and then get your website. Getting your website developed and designed by us will save you lots of $$$. Then get yourself a monthly plan with our SEO services.


I need it to express this today because I feel that all other websites and services are just charging for everything. It is hardly a free website services now. I mean even Craigslist started to charge this year. Craigslist is a good website and helps out with leads but now is not even free. I understand them and all but now there is nothing free. I even heard last night that Google will start charging for API developers a fee for using their maps on websites.

I think soon all and everyone will charge and just nothing free to use on the web. So just think about how you can make money online too. Create a website and who knows you could be charging too.

Website Development Marketing SEO Planning – Visit our web hosting store to buy your plan. Plus I am starting a online course website so you can educate and learn more.





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