VW Jetta 06 Remove Back Brakes Rotor Tools

VW Jetta 06 Remove Back Brakes Rotor Tools – I want to write about this because this gave me a big headache and running around stores to find the match for these screws. These screws aren’t a joke, I wasted lot of my time going to buy different sizes and none matches. Please look at the image so you know that you need this in order to remove those screws. I have not idea why Volkswagen cars do this but it does make it harder for us I guess.

You will need to buy this Capri tools 30037 14mm XZN Triple square bit socket with 1/2″ inch drive, this is needed in order to remove those 2 bolts there. Have fun getting them out cause they are unbelievably hard to remove. I had to pull and pull super hard. I bought it online and waited about 4-5 days.

Witring about my car experience, fixing car brakes with the best tools

I had to write about my experience so is here recorded and maybe will help someone out there. Don’ waste your time and order it today if you want to remove the rotors and calipers. VW Jetta 06 Remove Back Brakes Rotor Tools to remove the back brakes.

I spent about 4-5 hours doing this job because they were hard to remove. Those screws were to tight. You will need a breaker bar to do this! If not then your tools will brake, plus there is no space to use this breaker bar. You will need to use your brains cause is a very tight space there.

VW Jetta 06 Remove Back Brakes Rotor Tools was not a joke. I also had to buy a special tool for the brake pads holder.  I bought this part

Go ahead and buy it it helped me a lot by making the caliper push back so I could install the brake pads. You have to press hard left and right, don’t do just to one side, when you are pressuring the caliper make sure you do left and right. One time right and gets hard then un-release and do it to the right. This helped me do the job right. It is worth it investing in this because it will help you a lot. If not then you will have a hard time pushing that caliper back.

VW Jetta 2.5 Brake experience and with the best tools to remove and install rotors and brakes

I needed to write about this and try to help someone out there, these 2 tools are a must if you want to replace the back brakes and rotors of a VW Jetta 2006. Good Luck!

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VW Jetta Brakes
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