Stripe WooCommerce Easy Image Gallery problems Solved

Stripe WooCommerce Easy Image Gallery problems Solved – I usually write about issues I see on websites especially on WordPress websites. So, I hadto write about my issue and problem for today. I was working with WooCommerce platform and also stripe as a payment gateway and added a product into my shopping cart. I went ahead tried to do the checkout and I see the credit card info not working. I could see the round image just turning and turning and never actually giving me the option to input my credit card info. This is not good when you own a website and the checkout part doesn’t work.

I went ahead and deactivated all plugins to see if one of the plugins was creating the issue. I activated one by one and checking to see; and yes I found out that Easy Image Gallery plugin was the culprit. Not sure how this happens? I am thinking maybe when the updates are done, sometimes they come with errors.

Stripe WooCommerce Easy Image Gallery problems Solved today. So yeah I found the error and fix the issue. You want your online store working very good and just properly. This way you make all the sales you need. If there are issues on your site and don’t know? then that is an issue. You have to go to your site and test things out weekly or monthly.

If for some reason something don’t work then you might losing customers and profit.

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Stripe WooCommerce Easy Image Gallery problems Solved. How did a solved and repair it? just go to the plugin setting and remove a check mark. Remove the post check mark for now until there is a good update. I think the update mess it up this time. We are professional webmaster’s at your services plus offering our cloud web hosting and a whole lot more.