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Computer Repairs & Maintenance

Repair Windows PC and make it faster! Maintenance, Upgrades, Component Upgrades.

We are able to help you with all your computer repairs online and in person. Mobile repair services at your home or business. Spotsy VA, Stafford, NOVA, DC, MD Mobile services.

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Computer Repairs & Maintenance

About Us

We are located @ Spotsylvania VA offering our Computer IT Repair services to: Northern Virgina, Washington D.C. & Maryland. We have more than 10 years fixing and repairing computers. We can make your computer run faster and smoother again.

Computer Repairs & Maintenance

Let us help you with all your computer problems!


Computer Window repairs and maintenance, Component Upgrades, Virus Removals, Re-install Windows, Make your PC Run Faster, Remote Fixes, Mobile Friendly Repairs in person, Recover Data, Computer Building services, Gamin Computer Build, Office & Home Computer Builds & much more…

Computer Repairs & Maintenance
Computer Repairs & Maintenance
Computer Repairs & Maintenance
Computer Repairs & Maintenance
Computer Repairs & Maintenance

Our Work

We have many different computer pages on our site, demonstrating our work as a portfolio. Many of the computers that we show here are already sold and long gun to it\’s new owner. We can build you a great custom computer per your spec\’s. Ask for quote and a security deposit will be required.


[themify_icon icon=\”fa-newspaper-o\” style=\”large\” icon_color=\”#ffffff\” ] Computer Repairs

We are able to repair your computer in person or you can also bring it us. Plus remote online services to guide you how to fix your PC. 

[themify_icon icon=\”ti-pencil-alt\” style=\”large\” icon_color=\”#ffffff\” ] Windows PC

We only repair and fix Windows platforms at this time. More than 10 years building computers, maintenance and services.

[themify_icon icon=\”ti-image\” style=\”large\” icon_color=\”#ffffff\” ] Data Recovery

Sometimes there is a possibility to recover that lost and damaged data from your drives. Let us help you and see if it can get recovered. We will provide a quote first.

[themify_icon icon=\”ti-comment\” style=\”large\” icon_color=\”#ffffff\” ] Remote Services

If your computer is running slow or anything that can be fixed online; we are here to help you remotely. You will need a online working computer to do this. We can teach you how to do it yourself, ask for quote.

[themify_icon icon=\”ti-layers-alt\” style=\”large\” icon_color=\”#ffffff\” ] Computer Custom Build

Let us build your custom computer. Gaming, Home or Office computer builder. Yes, if you need a super fast custom computer; please contact us for a quote, a security deposit will be required prior to starting the building.

[themify_icon icon=\”ti-palette\” style=\”large\” icon_color=\”#ffffff\” ] Computer Case Printed Vinyl

While we build your new computer, we can also digital print vinyl with your photos or anything on it, install the vinyl as a computer case wrap. 

[themify_icon icon=\”ti-panel\” style=\”large\” icon_color=\”#ffffff\” ] Computer Maintenace

Offering our best professional maintenance services to get your computer running fast and smooth again. Have any issues with your computer? contact us today!

[themify_icon icon=\”ti-harddrives\” style=\”large\” icon_color=\”#ffffff\” ] Need more storage

Need more hard drives on your computer? more storage to save more images or videos? We can add it for you.

[themify_icon icon=\”ti-shortcode\” style=\”large\” icon_color=\”#ffffff\” ] Best Customer Service

Available upon request, remotely, in person or at our place. We are here for you at your service. Want to learn how to fix or build computers? we can teach you for a low fee.

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