Website Security

Website Security

Website Security services and options for a website or your web hosting file system. Over the years I have learned that website security is very important for any website. There are many spammers out there that want to break in your website and start posting their spamming content. You need to secure your file system on the server. Protect all your important files that manages and configs your website. There are importan files like your database file connector. The HTACCESS file of the entire website and any config file. There is a also another important file wordpress xml-rpc that needs to be protected and even deactivated.

This file is very vulnerable because many spammers out there knows that they can attack it and damage sites. Go ahead and read more about it online on Google wordpress xml-rpc. Backing up your entire site will make it more beneficial to you. If something gets corrupted then you are able to restore your website. Imagine spending lots of time and hard work building it. Then all of the sudden your files are corrupted? You will need to redo those files to make it work again, so more hard work and time in order to restore your site.

Website Back Ups

Backing up your site and applying security is very important. Let us know if you need to apply security to your site, we can surely help you here. Investing on a security plan is very important. This could save you lots of headaches. Also, you are able to block IP’s of any attackers on your security module, automatic IP blocking rules or manually. I had to do automatically because you won’t believe how many attacks we receive a day. If for any reason a intruder breaks in your website then I feel sorry for your website and work. We all need to protect our website by performing many different security measures.

2 step auth is real good for your website. If someone guesses your ID and password then they would stop at the second authentication process. There are many different 2 step auth out there, most favorable one is a code with your phone or to your email. You will receive a unique code that expires in less than 30 seconds. You will receive those codes to your phone as a text message on your phone or your email. I use both options here because it is more secure. Also needs to block and restrict your files on the server. You don’t want anyone seeing and exploiting your important files. If they see and know they are there; then they will try to attacke and break in.

Website Services

Here at, we don’t just build website’s, we also apply security to it. We offer many different extra services to protect and back up your site. You will be more than happy to hire us for your next website. Let us design your next new unique website today. Please check out the cloud web hsoting plan’s and purchase it today so we can start your website today. Webmasters and Graphic designers are at your service. Hire us today for your web security and protection and firewall. Yes, we have a threat security installed and a firewall to protect our website’s. We monitor and protect website’s everyday, feekl good and safe that your website is secured with us.

Website Security services at the best affordable rates.