SEO Keyword Page

SEO Keyword Page

SEO Keyword Page, how does it work? How do you fix a web page to show up @ your city and state by location. How do you beat your competitors. Don’t you want to appear on top pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Everyone wants to appear and beat your business competitors. If you own a website and want to know if you appear in Google, please go ahead and write your website name on the search bar. Also write in your product name’s or whatever you are selling to see if you appear online? If you don’t; then you are in big trouble. Your future client’s are not finding you and you are missing out on big profits.

I have more than a decade creating website’s and also learning and detecting troubleshooting how the internet works. I have learned SEO for a website, Search Engine Optimization is very important for your website. SEO is also very important; but I give the best low affordable rates! So you will be saving lots of money. I have many different plans to get your website showing on Google. I will write the prices below on this page, different plans to help save money and so you can afford it. I challenge you to contact any SEO guru out there for a quote, it will be an arm and a leg.

SEO Pages

Creating a post or page is very easy! Creating and implementing the SEO is the hardest part. You need years of experience to achieve perfect results. How does a keyword works? a keyword is a 3 word on a page…. Just like this one I am using here SEO Keyword Page, that is my keyword for this page. This means that the crawlers will be looking and indexing my page and will read this 3 word for my entire page. It will also compete with other keywords out there that they are using on other sites. The crawlers will see which one is the best page and put that page first. I bet that this page will go up very far in Google! Why? because it is teaching you something. It will be optimized perfectly with all check marks that they need and want.

Google likes content on a page. Every page needs to have 300 words at least, the keyword SEO Keyword Page also needs to be on the ALT image tag. I will also use the keyword on the image for this post. Your page needs to have good spelling and grammar. I apologize for that here but I do what I can. I only need and want my page and message to get out there. The page or post also needs a good description and contain this keyword “SEO Keyword Page”. The keyword needs to show up about 3 or 4 times on the entire page.

You may use many different tools to see if your page is SEO good. If you know what you are doing then you don’t need to. Headings are also very important, long paragraph needs to be separated with headings. Use a H1 heading for the tile and the keyword. Start your first paragraph with the keyword. Just look and revise this page, it is SEO friendly. H2 and H3 tags are later on the paragraphs. This page is also a part and stays on my website, why? Because if you write and write then that is good for your site. If you put an ad somewhere like here, you might as well post this page on your site. You help people with information and place it on your site.

SEO Advertising Help is Here

This way it stays there and help people and advertise at the same time. I just want to let you know that I can help you with submitting your website to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Yes, I create sitemaps and submit it to the search engines. There is a very affordable fee for all this, but investing on this is the best option you could do today. I also help you advertise your entire site and business. I will post links here so you can see. I am located in Fredericksburg VA 22408 and can help you from here online.

Services: Website design & Development, I can help you design and launch your website live on the web. Almost any type of website here at your service.

My Work

Help you register your domain name with my services, go to to get you web hosting and domain name. You may also purchase website design there.

You may get this plan for all your SEO and advertising needs

If you want to pay per page and keyword then I would charge $35 to optimize a page. If you have 3 pages then it would cost $90, also giving discounts too.
The best option is the monthly plan, it will save you the most and get more out of it. I also have a large network of websites to place your website link or digital ads.

My website portfolio

I also am doing a new website here that will be for advertising professional services, started today,

Please write in the browser (fredericksburg va web hosting) you will see my website on the first page of google. This is to show you that I can put your business up there with the best words you want. Yes, you get to tell me what the best words are for your site and where you want them to compete and show. We will eliminate the competition.

Keyword Search

Try this one too (tysons corner billboards mobile) You will see come up. I got that keyword there on the first page in less than a week. It all depends how people are using the keywords. Some keywords stay forever to get up there, some are real quick. Depends how weak the other site’s are. I can help you with SEO for your site today. This process is not quick, sometimes it can take months, so if you decide to do it, patience is needed. We both can fight for your placement on Google, we just need to do it right. Sometimes there are companies out there that don’t work.

I have many different deals and plans to help you advertise your business, we print flyers and distribute them, also put them on different site’s. This is the right way to do it, it will be well worth it later on. If not you will continue be lost on sea and lonely. Yes, a lonely site without any plans of survival is a dead website,