Keywords – This is a powerful word here on the world wide web. I never thought a word could be so important or help a website so much. Many author’s out there write and write on a website and sometimes they are very lucky and get on the first pages of google, bing and yahoo. Who doesn’t want to get on the first page of search engines? I know everyone wants to get there one day? why? because you will get more visitor’s to your site.

I really don’t like to write that much but I feel that I need too. Everyone needs to write lots and lots of content. Everyone needs to use proper Keywords in order to rank higher ad get more results and traffic. I am writing this Keywords today at April 10, 2018 and I hope it gets really far. I would like to see it on the first pages of google one day. How can this get done and achieved? One word; hard work my friend.

Fix Your Site

Everything is possible here on the web, you just need to write good and great content. SEO Search Engine Optimization uses Keywords to create and rank higher. You must use the Keywords in the body of your pages and posts. The meta tags should have the keywords meaning the title and description. Your tags maybe use it once and maybe a category.

You need to have it on the image of the post. Your main images should have it on the ALT attribute. We need to have all and every page optimized and ready for great SEO. You also need back links, maybe some links on very important websites. The more links you have the better it is for your site. Maybe get other people to write articles about your business and you do the same. Make other websites free like Wix and

Rank Higher

There are many different sites that will let you post free sites or blogs or posts for free. Here you can post your content and links. Hire us to work on your SEO for your site. We will create and make your website get found online. We work hard for you to gain more clients and business. One keyword could be worth a lot for your business. We work hard for your website to appear online and get found.

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