Ivenson – The New Internet Disruptor

Ivenson is a global marketplace and social network.
Launched in late 2018, Ivenson is the marketplace connecting individuals and enterprises worldwide.  On Ivenson, you can get a free account to connect and make friend with others. However, you also can use such connections to satisfy personal interest. That is to say, if you are seeking new knowledge, a new job or running your own business, Ivenson is for you.
Similarly, if you are an enterprise, you can promote your company effective on Ivenson. You can host a discussion with the community to increase brand awareness.  After that, you can direct customers to try or purchase your products and services right on Ivenson.
Why should you use Ivenson?
To leverage your strengths and explore all potential opportunities.
Ivenson is different from other social networks. It is not built to share the thoughts quickly or update your personal status. Ivenson lets you optimize what you are having and grow it significantly. At first, you could attend Ivenson as a job seeker or a customer. But later, by seeing requests such as being a partner for a foreign company, you can explore the new opportunity.
From local to national to global.
Ivenson allows people from everywhere to sign up on the platform.
If you are a local seller, the platform is highly professional. You certainly can win trust from the customers because they can contact you, book your service and pay you safely by using Ivenson’s functions. Moreover, when you want to expand your business beyond the current geography, Ivenson is your choice. It promotes your business nationally and globally since the first moment you use their platform.
What are customer benefits?
Ivenson doesn’t limit a customer’s choice. It gives customers all available knowledge, products, and services in the world through the internet.  Customers are encouraged to try any service that works best for their interest. Therefore, Ivenson has the potential to offer you unlimited choices for everything around your life.
What is Ivenson’s future?
Ivenson will stand as a unique marketplace and global network.
When you come to Ivenson, you will access to all solutions and expertise available in the world.
Based on their business model and core values, the platform will offer you the shortcut and the best of the breed solutions to fulfill your life.
Signup and check out Ivenson here.