How Search Engines Work

How Search Engines Work – we all need to know how this works. Many people out there doesn’t have the slightest clue on How Search Engines Work. How google bing and yahoo and even yandex now work. This doesn’t work from today to tomorrow. It takes time to see results and sometimes if we do it wrong; we never see the results. We need to work hard and invest time and money into SEO. Is not just that simple; hey create me a website and tomorrow I want to be on the top page with my keywords. Sorry but it doesn’t work that way.

Your website needs to be optimized and the content needs to be unique and good. Your page needs to have at least 300 words and the keyword needs to be on the title of the page and page description. The keyword needs to be at least 3 or 4 times during your are writing the content. You need to have great perfect grammar and spelling. Sorry I know I am not a perfect writer but I try.

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Isn't it time you stopped chasing Google's Algorithm and just gave Google what it wants? It's a novel idea, huh? SEO methods that were safe, now your site can get penalized, get help here It certainly allows me to sleep easier at night knowing Google likes my content and wants to push it to the top of the SERPs. Forget the old style keyword-focused SEO where you pick a keyword phrase you want to rank for, and optimize your page around that specific term and a few of it's synonyms. That type of SEO does not work anymore, and can get your entire site penalized or removed from Google! Get better and help with your SEO!

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important part of your website. Without it your website is nothing. You also need to have back-links on major important websites. You need to have your domain website links on other sites pointing to your URL domain name. Google takes about 3 weeks a month or 6 months or a year to sometimes get your pages on the top. The pages usually move around from pages to pages. We do not have control over what google does. We can fix and optimize a page and someday it will get to compete with the top pages. This can take a lot of time.

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Content is very important and have it with H tags. H tags are those heading bold title’s that I am using here. You need to be writing constantly and daily maybe one page or post blog and creating good informative content for your visitor’s. I try to write as much that I can and try my best because I know one day this will help my site. If you have no idea and still are clueless of what I am saying, please go ahead and read more about SEO on

Here is a great post where you can educate yourself. We offer SEO services to you but the content needs to be written. We go in there and we fix and repair all your pages and also images and videos. Advertising and marketing can get very expensive so the best option is to fix and repair your site for free organic search engine.

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This is free on all search engines. You and I need to work hard that after some time your website will get lots of free organic results. I will recommend if you hire someone to fix and repair your site and does good at SEO free organic then you stick with that person. You need a SEO expert by your side till the end. You need to invest on this. Also remember that it will take time, but if we do it right then later on all is worth it. We are here to work on your site’s SEO just contact us today for a free evaluation and a contract term.

We know how to create, repair and fix a SEO website and get results. Just that doesn’t happen from yesterday to today sorry.