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Computer Repairs Builders Services

Computers Repairs Builders in Spotsylvania VA and worldwide services. How can we service worldwide? remotely is the way to do it! You will need to download and install a software where we can share screens and help you that way. Voice and video chat communications is also available.

We build and Repair Computers, We are located in Fredericksburg VA 22408. Can build you a gaming, Office, Personal custom computer. Can repair and fix your PC. Windows only! Here on this page I am posting my Resent and past computer’s I have built and sold!

You may contact us and visit our office at Fredericksburg VA 22408. You will need to contact us for appointment to bring in your devices or speak about it in person or simply calling, texting or our contact form.


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Computer Repairs Builders, web hosting, website design, logo designers, business card designs and printing, powerful fast secured reliable cloud web hosting and much more…

Let's Build you a Fast & Reliable Computer Windows PC Only

Let our computer specialists help you with all your computer problems. Currently we just service OS Windows PC. Making it fast, secured and reliable. Productivity is needed, why waste your precious time with a slow computer? Why not finish what you doing in no time?

Computer Repairs Builders are here to help you today, located in Fredericksburg VA 22408, You may visit our office with an appointment, we are here to help you out!

Call or Text: 240-377-7126

We fix and repair PC Windows computers, Computer Builders creating and building your next gaming rig. Do you need a computer custom built? We can definitely build it for you, we will require 50% prior to building any computers and a signed contract. This way you and we are protected and a good legit deal. We are located in Spotsylvania VA and will ship it out anywhere in the world. Accepting PayPal, secured transactions on our website via our merchant services. Can create a contract with you online or in person, let us know if you need something create it or repaired? Maybe you just want to upgrade your existing Windows Computer? Make it faster or remove any spyware or virus? Whatever your needs are; we got ya!

Gaming, office or home desktop computers built to your specs. Also we can vinyl wrap them to your liking. Digital printed vinyl wrap for your computers. Let us know how we can help you today, locally or anywhere in the world.

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