Clickable phone number web page

Clickable phone number web page – This is new to me and did a lot of research and spent lots of time trying to make this work. I had never done it before and one of my clients wanted that.He said that was super important to him so I had to find the way to make the phone number click and make the calls within the mobile version.

The client told me that people these day’s are very lazy and want it to just click and make the call. I think he is right about all what he said. Clickable phone number web page, I think people want it very easy and I made it happen for him. After hours and hours of research I found the info online. I went to the html coding website and there was the answer. so the answer on how to make the phone number clickable is here:

<a href="tel:5554280940">Call us at 555-428-0940</a>


This is the code you put on the text version on a WordPress website and not on the Visual part of it. This works real good on all different browsers. Just by entering the phone number normal it is clickable on some browsers but not all of them.

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