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Website Security & Backups, why is it important for your website? Every website needs to have a plan of defense. Especially a WordPress website. WordPress website's are becoming more and more favorite platform these days. It is becoming the best number one because it has all the functionalities that a website should have. It has unlimited tools and options that we can do with a WordPress website. I myself prefer a WordPress website over any other platform. 

This is why Hacker's and Spammer's out there are getting smarter and smarter everyday. They are inventing new things to stay on top of how to hack and break a website. We have created many different website's and you wouldn't believe how many hacker's are trying and have tried to break in. Here at always try our best to protect a website, but sometimes there could be a vulnerability. That is why I will recommend to purchase a plan of defense inside our web hosting plan. 

You have there many different plans and addons to choose from. We have Code Guard Website Back Up that you can take advantage of. It is very cheap to my knowledge, it will help you a lot if one day you want to restore your site. You need to invest some time and money on this; because you never know, one day your website could get corrupted and damaged. 

We at sjmwebhosting offer website design and web hosting and apply all the security that we could ever do. But, we are not responsible if one day your website get's damaged and is not able to restore. We do all the backups that we can and just do our best by putting a security on your site but there is one day and time that this could happen. That is why you need to keep in mind that attacker's are trying to get in your site. Why do they want in? Simple, because they want sensitive information and free advertising on your site. Mostly are with Viagra and other medicine drugs that they are not able to advertise legally here in the USA. They need your site to create a free ads posting and emails to any of your customer's.

Let's protect your site today. We at sjmwebhosting also offer a back up plan and website restore that you may be interested. We are able go inside your site and create all the back up's and also do all the WordPress updates. Do you know that you need to be doing WordPress updates? If updates are not being done; then your website is creating a door to hacker's break in. Yes, that is why WordPress website's need to be updated every time there is a update available. 

Owning a website is not just create a website and your done. No, we need to work on Backing it up, Security, SEO services, WordPress Updates and just maintaining it. Every week we should also create fresh content on our blogs, this way one day your website will rank higher on all the big search engines. We offer many different services for your website;  not just cloud web hosting.

Contact us today how we can help you with a powerful cloud web hosting, domain registrations, and website services' that I already described priviously.

Monday, February 4, 2019

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