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Create a website with us! See how I create it and set it up online. A WordPress website built and set up in front of your eyes so you can get the knowledge you need. Learn how to set up a website and put live on the web when purchasing a website & hosting from us. This class will cost an extra $50.00. You will learn how to work inside the CPanel and set up powerful WordPress platform. 

Website Development Classes - learn how to create a website with a theme design, plugins, themes, e-Commerce, much more $25.00 hourly

Learn how to create graphics vector designs with Adobe Illustrator cs5
$25.00 hourly

You can purchase these items in my store, all needs to be paid upfront then we agree on the date and time. Buy as many hours you need. Let's work on your digital graphics together. You will need Adobe Illustrator on your computer for graphics. You also need Adobe Dreamweaver if you want to learn a whole lot more.

I am offering these classes because I want you to learn! 
You will also need Teamviewer free online. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

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