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Advertising Your Website is very important to your site's success. How can we all make our new customer's? How can we get more traffic to our website. I know that there out there on the web there are people who will send you a ton of traffic to your site. It is very cheap, sometimes they say I get you a 1k of hits for $5. If it sound to good to be true? It is not good and true. Sometimes they use automated bots and scripts to get you those hits to your site. 

You will see those hits but they are usually bots. Or it is not traffic that will by from you because there is no person looking for you. So how can that work? You got it, it's a scam for they to get your money for nothing. Don't even try that because real traffic costs lots of work and money. Yes, we all need to work hard to get real traffic and real customers to our services and products.

This how everything works:

You buy a web hosting plan and a domain name. 
Design and Launch your website live on the web.
Create SEO for your site and launch your site to Google, Bing and Yahoo by creating sitemaps and robots file.
You also back up and protect your site with security for it.
You may install Analytics to your site to see all your past and live traffic to your site.
You make sure your contact form is working and phone numbers are correct.

Now you invest on advertising. All your advertising will bring new traffic to your site. You can sell your services and your products now.

 This is how is done. Owning a local business can get you great profits and success. Go ahead and get your business on Google business and maps. It is very important for you to do that.

I will suggest you not to waste your money on to good to be true scams. They do not work, SEO is free on Google but we all need to work hard on it. You need to know what you are doing to get on all the top pages with keywords. Need lots of ads everywhere online and also backlinks from a lot of websites. 

I am able to help you today, please watch my video to learn more and click here to read more about it and register today.

Monday, November 25, 2019

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